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NSSA enters into collaboration with FC Helsingør

A collaboration with lots of synergies

In the world of football, many young talents strive to reach the professional level. Unfortunately, the road to success isn’t always easy, and for some, the eye of the needle can be hard to pass. Fortunately, there are other paths to the professional dream and experience. Since 2017, we at NSSA have been working with what we call the world’s best plan-b for the men’s players who don’t make it through the eye of the needle in Denmark. It is with great pleasure that we have been given the opportunity to work with a lot of talented young people who are going through a fantastic sporting and personal development during their college stay in the US. In recent years, we have also had the opportunity to help a number of FC Helsingør talents go to college, including;

Alexander Stjernegaard (Marshall University), Luca Costabile (University of Maryland), Ramesh Delsouz (Quinnipiac University), Nikolaj Juul Bay-Smidt (VCU), William Arnesen (Old Dominion University), Marcus Hedemann (Flagler College), Magnus Kjøller (Wofford College) and Joshua Hansen (Stony Brook University).

FC Helsingør talents have stood out in many ways when it comes to the transition from Denmark to the college system. The feedback we at NSSA have received from the American coaches has been that the former FC Helsingør talents come with a great technical package, a good soccer IQ, and they are incredibly good teammates who only want the best for their fellow human beings!

Alexander and Ramesh after winning the MAAC conference tournament in the 2022/23 season

The ultimate goal: New chances, new dreams

For many young footballers, the dream of playing professionally represents a lifelong ambition. But the reality is that even for the most talented, the road to professional football can be fraught with obstacles. This is where the collaboration between an NSSA and an FC Helsingør comes in. Instead of seeing a “missing” professional career as an end point, this partnership opens up new opportunities and dreams. Examples of this include Alexander Stjernegaard who was already named to the MLS Draft Pool in the fall of 2023 after just his sophomore year of college.

The essence of the college system is to provide soccer players with a top professional soccer environment where they are treated and live like full-time professional soccer players. On top of that, they get new eyes on a completely different continent where football is rapidly evolving. In addition, we make sure that if they don’t go all the way athletically, at the very least they have developed athletically, gained an experience and friends for life, as well as an education for the future.

Luca playing at Ludvig Field in front of 3,000 UMD Crew fans

Benefits for players: A unique chance for development

This partnership model offers players far more than just a chance to play soccer in the US. It gives them the opportunity to continue their academic education while pursuing their passion for the sport. It’s not just another route to professional football; it’s an opportunity to explore new cultures, learn new skills and develop as both an athlete and a person. A development that we at NSSA have the opportunity to follow every year and have experienced first-hand for many years in the USA.


Alexander and William before a classic NSSA Derby in Virginia.

Opening new doors for the future of football

Together, this collaboration between a college sports placement company and an elite soccer academy provides a springboard for young talent seeking a path to success. It’s proof that even when one door closes, another opens and that the dream of professional football can still be realized in unconventional ways. For these players, the opportunity for a fresh start isn’t just a hope, it’s a reality – and it all starts with a simple partnership where we help each other give young talent the best chance to find the path that’s best for them.

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Can you become a professional through the American college system?

In a time of uncertainty and challenges in the world of football, there are still bright spots that shine brightly. At NSSA, we are filled with pride and joy to see several of our talented players take the big step towards professionalism after completing their college education in the US.

Oliver Hald: From Denmark to the US and now as a professional

Oliver Hald’s journey is an inspiring tale of courage, determination and perseverance. After struggling to find his place in Danish football, Oliver took the bold step to try his luck on the other side of the Atlantic.

We clearly remember his first steps into our agency, filled with dreams and ambitions to play at the highest level. Over the years, we saw Oliver develop at Muskegon Community College, University of Evansville and finally the SMU Mustangs, where he became an integral part of the MLS Draft Pool.

This winter Oliver signed his first professional contract with USL1 club Greenville Triumph, and we couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of his journey.

Anna Tørsløv and Linea Lundbo: From the US to Europe

Anna Tørsløv and Linea Lundbo are two examples of the international dimension of college football. After their successful years at American universities, they took the next step towards their dreams of playing professionally in Europe.

Anna, who started at the University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley, and later transferred to Old Dominion University, has accepted an offer from FC Aarau in Switzerland. Her journey shows how college football in the US can open doors to international opportunities.

Linea, who graduated from Barry University, has agreed to play for Grand Genève FC in France. Her dedication and talent has taken her to the next level and we are honored to have been a part of her journey.

Peter Swinkels: From College to Professional Career

Peter Swinkels’ journey is a perfect example of how college football in the US can be a stepping stone to professional opportunities. After completing his education at San Francisco State University and later earning a master’s degree at the University of New Hampshire, Peter signed his first professional contract with One Knoxville SC in Tennessee and this winter switched clubs to USL1 top team Spokane Velocity.

We have followed Peter’s journey from the beginning and are incredibly proud to have been a part of his development.


Conclusion: College can be a stepping stone to success

These stories are not just examples of individual triumphs, they are evidence of the strength of the college football system. Despite challenges and uncertainty, our players have shown that dedication, hard work and opportunities at the college level can lead to professional careers of the highest caliber.

We look forward to following the continued success of our players and hope their stories inspire other young talents to pursue their dreams through college soccer in the US. At NSSA, we remain dedicated to supporting and promoting our players’ career paths, wherever they take them.

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Get ready for coaching interviews: These questions to ask your future college coach

One of the most important parts of the college recruitment experience is the coaching interviews prior to receiving and accepting a final offer from a college or university.

This is a crucial stage of the journey for two primary reasons: it allows you to learn more about the school, the coaches, the team, your potential new teammates, and it allows the coach to evaluate how your personality will blend in with the existing squad.

As well as giving you a lot of vital information for yourself, it’s also a crucial stage for your parents or guardians – it gives them the opportunity to meet and learn about the coaching staff, who will likely have a huge impact on you over the next few years.

It’s a good idea to prepare in advance for these conversations. It’s a two-way street, and it’s just as important that you have your own questions ready. Here are some questions you can prepare:

1. "What does a typical day look like for your student-athletes?"

Although at this stage we will have already given you a general idea of what everyday life is like in your sport, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to hear the coaching team put it into words themselves. Again, this is a great opportunity for your parents or guardians to better understand your daily schedule and free time outside of your athletic and academic commitments.

2. "How would you describe your coaching style and how do you think my skills can complement the rest of the team?"

This question can give you a better understanding of how your qualities and core competencies can complement the rest of the team, and generally give you an idea of what role and level of responsibility the coach envisions you to have on the team.

Athletes respond differently to coaching and management styles – if you respond well to a more positive style, a coach who talks about his old-school tough-love approach may not be the best sign for you and is something to consider.

3. "What facilities and resources are available to the team?"

Most colleges and universities boast state-of-the-art facilities and high-level support systems. However, it’s a good idea to ask the coach to describe which facilities and resources they primarily use on a daily basis. What training grounds do they have available? What about their stadium? Do they use an “athletic center” and have both physiotherapists and dieticians as part of their staff? Ask them to describe this in more detail.

4. "How much do you travel during the college season?"

Depending on what level your team plays at and where the school is located, some student-athletes will experience fairly hefty travel times, as the US is generally a large country and the season spans a national level. Every college athletic program in the US competes during the season in a mix of home and away games, which can be longer bus rides or actual flights.

Familiarize yourself with the team, school and their recent achievements.

Another great way to showcase yourself as an exciting candidate is to do some research on the coach and the team’s recent performance. This will show that you have engaged in the conversation and have a genuine interest in the site.

Perhaps they won their own conference last year, so you can ask how they plan to replicate that success in the coming season.

Showing the coaching staff that you are familiar with their recent successes will further boost your own profile and will demonstrate a winning spirit and eagerness to contribute to the team’s success.

Coaching interviews are one of the most exciting and important parts of the college recruitment process, so preparation is key
Don’t be afraid to put yourself at risk and ask questions!

Are you curious about life as a student athlete in the USA? Maybe you’re considering it as a future route for you?
Get in touch and let’s talk about your options
right here.

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Wall of 2023: Our clients’ awards & accolades

The 2023 college season is now over!

From September to mid-December, there are countless college football games played in the US. During this time, the short and intense college season is in full swing. The many different universities compete to advance from their own conference (their region) to play in the playoffs; the one that gives them a ticket to the national championships and the greatest honor they can achieve in the college game.

More than 80,000 players are spread across the three federations – of course, not everyone makes it all the way. Fortunately, american culture has always celebrated individual achievement. They do this through a variety of different and very traditional awards.
This year we have a lot of players who have received these awards. More than ever before. We’re really proud of that.

Our best year yet!

Our first official recruitment year was in 2020. Back then, we sent around 20 clients to the US. Some of them are still in college today, while a host of new clients have come and gone across the Atlantic. Today, we have just over 120 active student-athletes in the US. Of the 120 active student-athletes, 24 of our clients have received awards this year.
Take a look at them here 😎.

Wall of 2023

NCAA Division 1 awards

Our clients in NCAA Division 1 have certainly excelled.
8 different players have received awards for their performances in the past college season.
Notice heavyweight titles like Player of the Year and Freshman of the Year.

Nikolaj Røjel

Nikolaj Røjel

Wofford College
Player of the Year
Oliver Møller

Oliver Møller

Florida Atlantic University
Freshman of The Year
Victor Faaborg

Victor Faaborg

Presbytarian University
Freshman of the Year
Big South
Mikkel Gøling

Mikkel Gøling

UC Santa Barbara
All Conference 1st team
Big West
Jonas Lyshøj

Jonas Lyshøj

Bryant University
All Conference Tournament Team
America East
Alexander Stjernegård

Alexander Stjernegård

Marshall University
TDS Top 100
Sun Belt
Magnus Kjøller

Magnus Kjøller

Wofford College
All Conference 1st Team
Villads Landsperg

Villads Landsperg

Wofford College
Freshman Team of the Year

Awards in NCAA Division 2

Our clients in NCAA Division 2 have certainly excelled.
4 different players have received awards for their performance in the past college season.
For example. notice Søren Jensen who was the best goalkeeper in his region.

Søren Jensen

Søren Jensen

Post University
Goalkeeper of the Year
Marc Birkelund

Marc Birkelund

Flagler College
All Conference 2nd Team
Peach Belt
Mads Frederiksen

Mads Frederiksen

Call Poly Pomona
All Conference 2nd Team
Julie Andersen

Julie Andersen

All Conference 2nd Team

Awards in the NAIA

Our clients at NAIA have certainly performed as well.
5 different players have received awards for their performances in the past college season.
Notice Simon Blæsdahl’s title as Freshman of the Year.

Simon Blæsdahl

Simon Blæsdahl

Governors State University
Freshman of the Year
David Ambæk

David Ambæk

Indiana Tech University
All Conference 1st Team
Karl-Emil Andersen

Karl-Emil Andersen

UC Cumberlands
All Conference 1st Team
Mid South
Marc Boye

Marc Boye

Campbellsville University
NCCAA Player of the Year
Mid South
Christian Hauge

Christian Hauge

Campbellsville University
NCCAA Tournament 1st Team
Mid South

Awards in the NJCAA

Our Junior College clients have also performed at a high level.
We dare to promise that some of these players below will be at NCAA Division 1 schools in the near future.
7 different players have received awards for their achievements.
Notice the 2 All American titles that cover all the players in the country in the NJCAA.

Viktor Højbjerg

Viktor Højbjerg

Angelina Junior College
All Conference 1st Team
Region XIV
Ato Junior

Ato Junior

Tyler Junior College
All American 1st Team
Christopher Dommer

Christopher Dommer

Pearl River CC
All American 2nd Team
Amelie Wittenkamp

Amelie Wittenkamp

Campbellsville University
All Conference 2nd Team
Victor Mørck

Victor Mørck

Mississippi Gulf Coast CC
All Conference 2nd Team
Andreas WInther

Andreas WInther

Heartland CC
NJCAA D2 All Tournament Team
Khaya Gregory

Khaya Gregory

Salt Late CC
All American 1st Team

Next up: College Season 2024. Are you next?

We are currently recruiting talented young players for the new college year in 2024. It will be our biggest and best group of clients to date!
Do you want to be a Student Athlete in the USA or are you just curious about the whole college world?
We’d love to talk to you about your situation and your options in the US. Write to us

right here.

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Nikolai Røjel is Player Of the Year in the Southern Conference

The regular college season is now over and these days the various college ranks are announcing awards for the players who have impressed the most during the season.

After a great season for Wofford College, our very own Nikolai Røjel has just been named Player Of the Year in the Southern Conference!

From 'Freshman of The Year' to 'Player Of the Year'

After winning the title of Freshman Of the Year in the Southern Conference last year, Nikolai has entered his second year in the US with significantly higher expectations for his name.
In his debut season last year, he scored 9 goals in 16 games.
This year he has scored 11 goals in 17 games and several of the goals have been crucial and important.
A good example is his 1-1 equalizer in the dying minutes of their game against UNC Greensboro – see the score below 💪⬇️

Nikolai’s 1-1 equalizer in the dying minutes against UNC Greensboro

Wofford College, also known as the Terriers, plays in NCAA Division 1 and is a member of the Southern Conference.
The Terriers’ record for the season is 7-4-6 and although both defeats and draws have been part of the process, they have generally performed at a high level.
Several matches have been against absolute top teams in the USA – including Duke University, which is ranked number 3 in the country – Terriers played 2-2 against Duke and Nikolai scored here as well 😉

Nikolai’s goal to make it 1-0 against Duke University after a great play

From HIK to USA: Nikolai's journey to the USA

Nikolai was born in 2003 and turns 20 in December.
He grew up in Copenhagen and graduated from Niels Brock Handelsgymnasium in 2022.
We started working with Nikolai six months before his high school graduation, so he could be ready to leave right after a summer of driving and happy days

Throughout his youth, Nikolai has played for Lyngby BK and HIK.
In the season leading up to his first year in the USA, he was a profile on HIK‘sU19 team and trained regularly with HIK‘sfirst team in the 2nd division.
He scored 6 goals and 6 assists in 17 games in the U19 Division in the 2021/2022 season .

Nikolai celebrating scoring at Gibbs Stadium – home of the Wofford Terriers.

Nikolai is a versatile striker with several different qualities.
Despite his broad shoulders and 188 cm, he is well-coordinated and has plenty of speed in his boots. He has a physical presence on the pitch that American recruiters have always had high on their list of important qualities.

In addition, he has a good technical base, a sure finishing foot and a positioning ability… a nose for goal… which means that he is often present exactly where it hurts the opposing team.
The interest from the various colleges and universities was therefore certainly visible. After talking to several suitors, Wofford College was chosen.

Wofford College is located in South Carolina and is actually one of the smallest colleges in the US with around 2,000 students – but that doesn’t change the quality of their football program.
In fact, our clients Magnus Kjøller and Zakaria Holmen were already part of the team before Nikolai joined. This year, Villads Landsperg has joined the team.
The picture below is from a recent NSSA Derby where all the guys were in action.

Despite a great regular season, the boys and the rest of Wofford unfortunately didn’t make the playoffs and were recently beaten 1-0 by Furman University in the Southern Conference semifinals.
That’s not to take anything away from Nikolai’s impressive Player Of the Year award in the Southern Conference.
Congratulations champ – we look forward to even more goals and awards.

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Women’s Soccer in the USA: The College Way

Women’s college soccer in the US is unique.
In male-dominated sports such as basketball and American football, the US has historically been favored on the male side, but women’s football in the US has long been mature and at a high level. Here, a host of talented girls combine elite football with higher education. Some are national team players. Some dream of becoming professionals. Some want to develop as whole people. Some do it for the experience. What they all have in common is that girls’ college soccer is a great place for those who have athletic ambitions but don’t want to compromise on education and a future off the field.

Title IX: Girls' soccer takes over universities

Back in 1972, a groundbreaking law in education in the US came into effect;
Title IX.
Its purpose was to prohibit any form of discrimination based on sex within educational programs that receive federal funding.
In other words , universities and colleges should now start distributing their scholarships equally between male and female athletes.
Title IX
came into effect, most scholarships went to male-dominated sports like basketball and football. After
Title IX
came into effect, girls were now more able to take advantage of the many scholarships – and many young American women fell in love with European soccer.

A 1974 study counted 6,635 girls who played high school soccer in the US.
In the 2018/2019 school year, the same study counted 394,100 girls playing high school soccer in the US. A massive development.

American girls' soccer: a mature and recognized soccer culture.

Title IX
laid the foundation for what is now women’s soccer in the United States – professional and collegiate: a behemoth of a sport that, with
the best national team in the world
and stars playing for the best clubs around the world, it’s recognized globally.

…A diametric opposite to the male soccer in the US, which is perpetually victimized by stigma and generally lags behind its European competitors.

Daniella Diaz
in action for Florida Atlantic University, playing in NCAA Division 1.

College football and professional dreams

In 2021, 21-year-old Danish national team player Josephine Hasbo packed her bags and enrolled at Harvard University.
Instead of choosing either her dream study or her soccer career, she chose to kill two birds with one stone and became a student athlete in the US.
Josephine is far from the only one choosing this path.
20 players from the 2022 US World Cup squad were former student athletes in the USA.
21 players across the remaining participating nations for the 2022 World Cup were current student athletes in the USA.
It is now a fact that a large number of talented female soccer players combine the sport with higher education in the US, without compromising their professional ambitions.

College soccer is for all girls

Even though an increasing number of the most talented players in their age group are choosing college in the US, it doesn’t mean you have to be the next
Pernille Harder
or Sanne Troelsgaard to become a student athlete in the US.
Football in the USA is very diverse and there are several different divisions, each with their own level of play.
In 2023 we have assisted Danish girls who have played everything from
Gjensidige Kvindeliga
to Serie 2.
Some have professional dreams and others prioritize international education and a day-to-day life filled with doing what they love. daily sports and new acquaintances.

Gry Boe Thrysøe
who plays for Old Dominion University. Here with their newly won Conference trophy!

The college ranks in the US

There are 3 different leagues to play in for college football in the USA;
NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA. They all have their own requirements and characteristics.
Below you can learn a little about each of them.

NCAA Division 1: The highest level

NCAA Division 1
is the highest level of college football and includes some of the largest, most well-known and competitive universities in the country.
Some of the best women’s teams are
Stanford University
, University of Florida and University of Virginia.
This level is known for attracting the best high school players, the most promising international players and is known for its intense competition.

Josephine Hasbo
and her team from Harvard University play e.g. in NCAA Division 1.

NCAA Division 2: High level and great competition

NCAA Division 2
also offers a high level of football and is home to several renowned universities such as
Western Washington University
, University of California San Diego and
Mercy University.
The best teams in Division 2 can often compete on par with or even surpass the average of the teams in Division 1.

The crucial sporting difference between Division 1 and 2 is usually your physique. In Division 1 – and in the US in general – there is a strong emphasis on physicality and athletic skills. Often it’s these athletic attributes that determine whether you end up in Division 1 or Division 2.
Our client
Julie Andersen
and her team from
Southwestern Oklahoma State University
play in NCAA Division 2.

Julie Andersen (#14) and her teammates from SWOSU for media day.

NCAA Division 3: The well-rounded experience

NCAA Division 3
presents a more balanced experience, where the academic component carries more weight than the athletic. Student athletes need to be able to manage their time effectively, as the sports component is not as prioritized as in Division 1 and 2.

In Division 3, colleges do not usually offer scholarships, which means that students often have to cover the costs themselves. This can make training more expensive for the individual.
We have not yet placed a client in NCAA Division 3.

NAIA: Private universities and a high but varying level of excellence

also offers a high level of soccer and is home to several renowned universities such as
Keiser University
Lindsey Wilson College
Southeastern University

In the NAIA, however, the sporting difference between top and bottom is more volatile than in both NCAA Division 1 and 2.

However, the main difference between NAIA and NCAA universities lies in the size of the institutions and whether they are public or private. The NAIA is primarily home to private universities and also has more lenient academic requirements than the NCAA.
That said, in the NAIA you can play at a high level, get a quality education and receive scholarships just like you can in the NCAA.

NJCAA: The alternative route to the best universities

NJCAA organizes and facilitates sports at
junior college
in the United States. A Junior College program lasts 2 years and if a student shows outstanding performance both athletically and academically, they can transfer to a 4-year university in the NCAA or NAIA to complete their bachelor’s degree. This route is ideal for those who did not initially meet the admission requirements of a 4-year college or university.
Junior colleges are more affordable while offering generous academic and athletic scholarships.
Many of our clients have started in Junior College and their performance has led to offers from NCAA Division 1 colleges.

Amelie Wittenkamp
left for Mississippi in August 2023 to be a student athlete at Pearl River Community College.

The numbers behind the 3 college leagues and the 5 ranks

There are approximately 1571 different colleges and universities across the 3 federations that have girls’ soccer in their athletic program. Squad sizes vary and so does the competition for playing time.
The number of scholarships each team is allowed to award also varies in different college ranks.
Check out the different figures below.

Facilities at Colleges and Universities in the US

The facilities at colleges and universities in the US are an important part of the experience for girls’ soccer players. These institutions invest significant resources in creating state-of-the-art sports facilities for their athletes and players.
The best clubs in Scandinavia are struggling to keep up in this regard.

Below are brief descriptions of some of the facilities you can expect to find as a girls’ soccer player at a college or university in the USA:

A tour of the football facilities at Purdue University Purdue University which plays in NCAA Division 1.

State-of-the-art training facility:

Many colleges and universities have advanced training facilities with state-of-the-art equipment. Grass pitches. Artificial turf pitches. Indoor courts for winter.
The importance of these things is recognized and you won’t play on a bad pitch.


Many colleges and universities have their own football stadiums with stands. Some colleges also play matches here, while others have designated practice fields. This can be both artificial turf as well as indoor courts that allow you to train comfortably in the winter. Some colleges also borrow the American football stadium, which will usually be big and beautiful.

Fitness and training centers

All colleges and universities have one or more spacious gyms with state-of-the-art equipment. The physical aspect of an athlete is a major focus in the US and as a soccer player, this will be an integral part of your everyday life.

Changing rooms

A locker room is the gathering point for every sports team. They recognize this in the US and the locker rooms are large and spacious, often wrapped in the university’s colors, logos and history.

Video and analytics equipment

All colleges and universities film their games. Video analysis before and after matches – both individually and at team level – is an integral part of soccer training in the US.
Most colleges and universities also show their games live with commentators. Parents and friends can watch the games from home.

Physiotherapists, dieticians and other medical facilities

Injuries are part of being an athlete. You’re in safe hands in the USA and the athletic programs have physiotherapists, physical trainers, dietitians and more. to create the best possible conditions for their student athletes.

Everyday life as a Student Athlete in the USA

Being a student athlete at a college or university in the US is a unique experience. You juggle your passion for football with higher education.
Here’s an insight into what a typical day might look like as a student athlete:

Anna Tørsløv
Gry Thrysøe
flexing their championship rings after they and the rest of the
Old Dominion University
won their college series in 2022

Tomorrow: Rise and shine!

Your day starts early. It can vary whether your team practices in the morning or afternoon. If you work out in the afternoon, you’ll usually start your day with strength training in the gym – and vice versa.
Most often, you’ll have breakfast with your teammates and fellow students after you’ve been to the gym and showered.

Morning and early afternoon: Teaching.

After a morning workout and breakfast, it’s time to focus on your studies. This can be blackboard teaching, lectures or project work with study groups.
In many ways, you choose your own schedule and have a wide range of different subjects. Of course, this varies depending on whether you are in your first, second or third year.

Afternoon: Training, training, training!

Once you’re done with your school day, you’ll usually grab a bite to eat with your teammates and fellow students before either team training or strength training. As mentioned, it varies according to the preferences of the coaching staff.
Depending on where you are in your season or your week, it can be team and individual training as well as tactical training and video analysis.

Evening: your own time.

Everyday life as a student athlete requires discipline. It’s long days and early mornings.
As the evening approaches, time is your own. Maybe you have homework, maybe you’re going out for dinner with your friends, or maybe you just want to relax with a series in your room.
In general, college culture is very social, so there’s always something going on in the evenings and there are plenty of opportunities.

Example: Gry's everyday life in the US

Gry Thrysøe flew off in 2021 to Virginia and a life as a student athlete on the football team at Old Dominion University soccer team. She is now in her third year in the USA and is a regular part of the team playing in NCAA Division 1.
Watch the video below for a glimpse into her everyday life.

Is college soccer in the USA for me?

College soccer in the USA is a world of opportunity and adventure, no matter where you’re from or what your dreams may be. Whether you have professional soccer dreams or simply want to include soccer as a natural part of your daily life while pursuing an international and higher education, there’s a place for you.

Whatever your ambitions or skills, there’s a suitable level and an ideal university for you. Our role is to help you find a university that’s right for you – athletically, academically and financially.

So… is college soccer in the USA for you? The answer is unique to each person and we don’t have the answer in advance. However, our goal is to equip you with the necessary tools to answer this question yourself.
Check out
our college process,
which gives you an insight into the process we take you through when finding you a college in the US.
If you are eager to explore your options and want personalized guidance, you can

contact us directly here.

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Oliver Møller included in the Top 100 Freshmen list

TopDrawerSoccer has just released their annual list of the top 100 freshmen in the U.S. and our very own Oliver Møller from Florida Atlantic University has secured a spot on this prestigious list. It’s downright impressive!

The only Dane on the list

Every year, a few months into the college season, renowned media outlet TopDrawerSoccer releases their “Top 100 Freshmen” list. Here are their picks for the 100 most promising freshmen in college football in the US.
With more than 10,000 players to choose from, making it onto that list is quite an achievement.
Oliver Møller is the ONLY Dane included in this year’s list, coming in at 83rd place.

Oliver's season so far

Oliver has had a great first season so far for
Florida Atlantic University
– or just the Owls as they are called.
The Owls are in NCAA Division 1 and play in The American Athletic Conference (AAC) which is one of the most competitive college leagues in the US. Here are big teams like the University of Memphis, University of Central Florida and
Southern Methodist University
are among the opponents.

The Owls’ statistics for the season are currently at 3-6-3.
So they have 3 wins, 6 losses and 3 draws.
Oliver has started in all 12 games he has played so far and has been an asset to the team from day 1.
Owls typically line up in a 4-3-3 formation, with Oliver starting on one of the wings.
He has scored 1 goal and made 3 assists.
Check out his first goal for the Owls right here herunder⬇️
(It’s always a delight to hear the commentators pronounce a Danish surname like Oliver’s…“Moeller Jensen!”)

Oliver’s first goal for
Florida Atlantic University
in their match against Lipscomb University.

From BK Frem to the USA: Oliver's journey to the USA

Oliver was actually born in the US but grew up in Denmark.
He just turned 20 and graduated from Brøndby Gymnasium in 2022.
We started working with Oliver shortly after he graduated and he has now been in the US for a few months.
Oliver is a versatile offensive player who has spent most of his youth playing for
BK Frem
. First in the various youth leagues and later for the first team in both the Danish 2. Division and 3. Division. A true soccer player.
He needed new experiences and challenges – without compromising his sporting ambitions. So together we set out to find a scholarship in the US.

Oliver is technically sound, has plenty of speed and plays with great aggression in all phases of the game. The interest from the different universities was therefore high and Oliver had several good options to choose from.
The choice fell on Florida Atlantic University. A university that, in addition to its sporting quality and great facilities, is located in Boca Raton. A place that looks like paradise.
Here he plays on a team with
Jonathan Lassesen
and Daniella Diaz who is part of the Owls women’s team.

Oliver Møller in action for Florida Atlantic University

Not the only NSSA player on the all-time list...

This year, Oliver is the only Dane and the only one of our clients to make the Top 100 Freshmen list!

However, he’s not the only NSSA client to make the list over the years…
Since 2021, we’ve actually had 6 different clients on the list.
In 2021, Alexander Hjælmhof
Alexander Hjælmhof
Malthe Weisdorf
Gry Boe Thrysøe
places on the list.
In 2022, Nikolaj Røjel
Nikolaj Røjel
Luca Costabile
and Alexander Stjernegaard places on the list.

For now, however, all focus should go to Oliver Møller. And deservedly so. Congratulations Viking!

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Victor Mørck named Player of The Week in NJCAA

Victor Mørck is today named Player Of the Week in NJCAA!
After replacing BK Værløse’s Danish setting this summer with Mississippi Gulf Coast CCVictor Mørck has hardly looked back.
With 5 goals and 2 assists in 2 games, he has been an inevitable contender for the title and in a league with over 200 teams, that speaks for itself.

Top scorer title and 2 wins

In a week where the Bulldogs could claim 2 wins, Victor was pivotal in both games.
2 goals and 1 assist in an 8-0 win over Holmes and a hat-trick in the following game against East Mississippi have laid the foundation for the Player Of the Week title.

Victor is now tied for top scorer in the MACCC conference with 13 total goals.

From Denmark to the US: a wild first season so far

Mississippi Gulf Coast, also known as the Bulldogs, have played 12 games during the college season
Their record is now 9-1-2 and they have won their last 8 matches.

Victor is 19 years old and traveled to the US as a prospective student athlete in August.
He got his soccer education in FC. North Zealand and in his late youth went to Værløse BK to play senior football.
He graduated from Lyngby Handelsgymnasium in 2022, took a gap year and then moved to the US where he is now in the middle of his freshman year.
Since his arrival, he has been pivotal and his own statistics are decidedly impressive. 12 games, 13 goals and 5 assists. That’s it!

Victor also won the NSSA derby!

We have many talented clients in the US across the different college ranks. It turns into a lot of bidding wars between our clients and it’s always a lot of fun!
A few weeks before Victor’s Player Of the Week award, Pearl River CC and Mississippi Gulf Coast played each other.
At Pearl River Wildcats we have from left Noah Nymark, Noah Fazal, Mikkel Fredsgaard and Christoffer Dommer.
Victor is smiling in the middle and there should be no doubt who won the match and added a goal to it😉😉

All 5 boys above attend what is called Junior College. Here you can study for up to 2 years and then transfer to another university and complete the last 2 years of a full US undergraduate degree.
Some of our best stories are with clients who have gone on to Junior College.Here, they’ve excelled on the field and in the classroom, then transferred to big universities on great deals.

It’s a real pleasure to follow and document the stories that our customers in many ways write themselves. Congratulations friend!

Victor’s goals for
MGC Bulldogs
in their game against the Pearl River Wildcats.
Beware of the sound 🔊

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Sport Scholarships in Focus: A pathway for young athletes

In the field between sport and education, a special path for young athletes has emerged in recent decades that opens up opportunities: Sport Scholarships in the US.
This opportunity presents a unique path where sporting strength meets educational aspirations and can open doors to a future that unites the passion for sport with the pursuit of learning.
In this article, we dive into Sport Scholarships and the many ways they empower young people.

Gateway to Higher Education

Imagine a world where your dedication on the field is not a leisure activity or a path to a professional life – but a gateway to higher education.
That world already exists.
Sport Scholarships redefine the traditional narrative and help talented athletes showcase their skills while gaining a quality education. Universities across the US are paving the way for this and have been doing so for decades.

Quick Fact:Malthe Weisdorf is now studying at Stanford University – the opportunity arose after his performance on the soccer field at Dartmouth College where he received his first Sport Scholarship 2 years ago.

Malte and the rest of Stanford after scoring in their 3-1 win over Sacramento State University.

The merger of Sport and Education

Sport Scholarships symbolize the fusion of sport and education – students can excel in both areas.
Balancing tough workouts with demanding schoolwork may sound challenging, but it’s this very challenge that promotes discipline, time management and personal development.
Student Athletes learn to tackle challenges head-on and build a foundation of skills that extend beyond the field.

Empowering Athletes Through Financial Support

On a global scale, economics and money are a major barrier to success. pursue dreams of higher education.
Sport Scholarships are a powerful solution as they provide financial support that reduces the burden of tuition fees and living expenses.
By investing in the potential of young athletes, these scholarships offer not only an education, but an experience that shapes character and opens the door to a wealth of future opportunities.

The Road to Professional Sport

For those with dreams of pursuing professional sport, Sport Scholarships offer a strategic stepping stone.
Universities provide a platform for athletes to showcase their talent on a competitive stage that attracts the attention of scouts and industry professionals. When young athletes hone their skills in a supportive atmosphere, they not only prepare themselves for competition at the college level, but also position themselves for potential professional careers after college.

Quick Fact: Søren Ilsøe played in the Danish league before moving to the US for 1.5 years in 2021 to play college football. Through his performances in the American college ranks, he secured a tryout with the New York Red Bulls and a professional contract with AB as a player in the Danish 2nd division .

Søren Ilsøe in action for the Northeastern Huskies.

Turning Dreams into Reality

Scholarships are like keys that open doors for young athletes and make their dreams come true. They connect sport and education and help shape individuals who are not only skilled on the field, but also ready to tackle challenges in life beyond.
Being a student athlete isn’t just about scoring goals or touchdowns; it’s a journey of personal growth and identifying your potential.

In the world of scholarships, young athletes not only get a chance to shine, but also a solid foundation for future success. When they enter university, a world of education, community and personal development opens up to them.
Most recently we helped Omar from Sierra Leone to the US on a Sport Scholarship – He personifies the opportunities that can be created and the dreams that can be fulfilled.

Navigating the Scholarship Landscape

While the appeal of scholarships is undeniable, navigating the scholarship landscape can be complex.
Each university has its own criteria and requirements, making the help of knowledgeable advisors invaluable. Partnering with organizations like us that specialize in college recruitment ensures you get expert guidance to identify the most suitable universities and maximize their opportunities.

If you want to read more, we’ve written a quick guide to education in the US and in another article we also talk about the everyday life of a student athlete in the US.
Reach out to us here if you’re curious about your college options.

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NSSA Stories: Søren Ilsøe’s trip to the USA.

Back in 2021, an email arrived in our inbox from a young man who was curious about college sports
We replied to the best of our ability and asked a few questions about who he was and what he did.

His name was Søren and he answered that he was 20 years old.
He was studying for an HD, had a job at a well-known consultancy firm, a nice apartment, a cute girlfriend and an important role at OKS in the Danish league.
Søren’sanswer made us smile.
Why was he interested in college in the US?

The love of football

Søren had been playing soccer since he learned to walk.
He had started playing elite football at a young age and had spent much of his youth playing for Esbjerg FB, where he had fought his way up through the years.
There were 13 appearances in the U19 League and playing time in the UEFA Youth League, but the final step towards a professional senior contract in the first team failed to materialize.
Søren had therefore stepped back a bit from football and started focusing on life off the pitch.
Now he was studying and working – and playing football on the side.
It was an upheaval when it had always been the other way around.
Football first. Everything else after that.

Despite a great life here in Denmark, Søren just really loved his sport.
And especially in the world of football, you’re not getting any younger. You have X number of years where your body can really keep up at a high level.

Søren in action for Northeastern University.

That’s why Søren reached out to us.
Football was going to be a bigger part of his life again, but he didn’t want to compromise on education and future opportunities.
College in the US offers exactly this opportunity. A fluid combination of elite sport and higher education.
No compromises and the opportunity for both sporting and academic success; if you’re willing to work for it.
Søren had no doubts. He wanted to be a student athlete in the US.

Danish Student Athlete in Boston.

We started our college process with Søren shortly afterwards.
This process can take anywhere from 3 months to a year and culminates in one or more scholarship offers from colleges and universities in the US.

Søren had great grades, a lot of good video and is generally a pleasant and ambitious young person. Our network of colleges and universities think so too.
As a result, he had a number of great offers, but chose to accept

Northeastern University

which is located in Boston and plays in NCAA Division 1.

A steep development curve.

It didn’t take Søren long to adapt to the new environment in the big city of Boston.
He only needed 3 games and from there he was a regular in the starting lineup in midfield.
In a short time, Søren grew into a high profile status and had a great fall in his first season as a Student Athlete. He was even awarded a spot on the ALL-CAA Rookie Team, which honors the top 11 freshmen in the given college ranks.

Off the field, things are also moving fast.
Before Søren went to Northeastern University, he was already working on the second part of his HD education in Denmark. It could not be transferred and merged with the US bachelor’s degree. Alongside both football and studying in the US, he also finishes his Danish HD in the evening hours.

One of Søren’s goals for the 2021 fall season for the Northeastern Huskies.

Soren had only been with the Northeastern Huskies for six months when his coaching staff was recruited by the University of Connecticut – a prestigious NCAA Division 1 university with a great football program.
It was the same coaching team that had recruited Søren in the first place, so the immediate change didn’t seem optimal.

…Until Coach Chris Gbandi reached out to him and told him that they wanted Søren to come to the University of Connecticut and be a part of the roster they were about to build. UCONN is a true powerhouse in college football, and while the first six months in Boston had been fantastic, the decision wasn’t difficult

New day, new challenge.

Cut to a sunny but cold February day in early 2022 at Joseph J. Morrone Stadium.
UCONN narrowly loses 0-1 to Georgetown University in a game attended by 2500 people.
It’s Søren’s debut match. He starts inside and plays all 90 minutes.
He does the same for the next 15 games. He even plays the most minutes of anyone in the squad (1315 minutes) during the season and is from day 1 a player who makes a difference.

- Hi, this is New York Red Bulls.

After first proving himself at Northeastern University in NCAA Division 1 and even making the step up to UCONN as a player in NCAA Division 1’s conference, the Big East, one of the strongest conferences in the United States, Søren was a familiar name in college soccer.

This led to a weekend trip to New York, where Søren was invited to a tryout with the New York Red Bulls, who play in the MLS.

Contracts in AB.

As with several other Danish clubs in recent times, Akademisk Boldklub was acquired by an American investor group called Five Castles Football Group LCC at the end of 2022. With their American background, the owners already had their eye on Søren due to his achievements at college level in the US.

In January 2023, Søren could therefore sign his first professional contract with AB, which plays in the 2nd division and has its home ground at Gladsaxe Stadium.
At the time of writing, Søren has made a great return to Danish football and played in his debut match against Esbjerg IF – his former childhood club.

In a year and a half, Søren went from the Danish league to professional soccer in the 2nd division.
He completed an HD while reaching 6 semesters that he was able to bring to Denmark, where he is now studying Business Administration at Copenhagen Business School.

Hard work. Nothing else.

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