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We give athletes with both athletic and academic ambitions the opportunity to combine education with elite-level sport. College in the US can be the path to a professional career, while providing you with a great international education and the experience of a lifetime with a wealth of new acquaintances.

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Feeling your ambition

We create opportunities for talented young athletes through sports scholarships in the US

College Recruiters

Having experienced the whole process first hand, we saw a great need for a concept with a personalized college process that is transparent and at eye level with the athletes who are pursuing a Sport Scholarship in the US.

A concept built by former Student Athletes

Our whole vision is built on being the ones we were needed when we set out on a Scholarship in College in the US. We know how challenging it is. We know how amazing it is. We have been there ourselves.

Personal and tailor-made process

There is a lot of different opportunities in the US. We are in close contact with 300 Colleges. We get to know you, we build your profile and we promote you to selected colleges and universities that we think could be a match for you.

Fueling your ambition

Why choose a College in the US?

College in the US is the perfect way to combine higher education with elite sport. There is no other place in the world that offers the same combination of sport and study at such a high level.
There are many different ways to construct a stay. You can go for a single year and you can also complete a full degree in 4 years. 
Whether you focus on the athletics, the academics, location or a mix of all these, it is our job to find the perfect experience for you as an individual.

Feeling your ambition

The College Sport Universe

There’s no better place to combine education and sport than at a college in the US. If you want to learn even more about college in the US, being a student-athlete and how it can benefit you both athletically and academically, check out below!

Frequently asked questions


What exactly is a College?

A college is an educational institution that offers higher education after high school
. In Denmark and Scandinavia, we usually use the term “university” for this type of institution, but in the US, “college” refers to a wide range of educational institutions that vary in size and specialization.

What characterizes a college is that it often has a dense and connected campus where students can live, study and participate in various activities. This campus environment is often the center of the college experience and includes amenities such as sports facilities, study facilities, dining, shopping and more.

Colleges offer a wide range of degree programs, from arts and humanities to science and business. Some colleges specialize in specific subject areas, while others offer a broader educational profile. In addition, many colleges are known for their sports programs, where they compete against other colleges in a wide range of disciplines.

How old do I have to be to go to college in the US?

In the US, there is no fixed age limit for college admission. When and how you start your college education depends on your personal goals and educational plans.

You can choose to start your college education directly after your upper secondary education in Denmark, whether it is HHX, STX, HTX, HF, EUX or EUD. This is the primary requirement for admission to most US colleges.

Many new college students in the US typically start college between the ages of 18-21, but the age varies significantly depending on each student’s background and career choice. Some students may choose to work or travel for a period of time after high school before starting college. Others may have already completed a bachelor’s degree in Denmark and want to pursue a master’s degree at a US college.

So, in short, there is no set rule for age, but rather a question of when it best fits in with your education and career plans. College education in the US offers flexibility and opportunities to customize your education to your individual needs and goals.

What are the academic requirements for college in the US?
You must have completed upper secondary education.
Other than this, there are no specific academic requirements to attend college in the US.

That said, your high school grades and English language tests will influence which college is the best fit for you.

It should also be mentioned that all international students are required to take an English language test (TOEFL or DUOLINGO) in order to qualify for schooling in the US.

What are the sporting requirements to attend college in the US?

There are no specific sporting requirements to attend college in the US.

That said, your results, your level and your overall sporting profile will have a big impact on the interest from schools and how many offers you will receive.
As with the academic requirements, it is an overall picture of you both athletically and academically that determines how interesting you are to the different colleges.

What are you helping me with?

We are with you every step of the way during your stay at College in the US – before, during and after.
Our service can be divided into 3 main elements:

Maximizing your opportunities.
One of our most important tasks is to promote you and your profile to our network of colleges and get you the best possible scholarship based on the sporting, academic and financial expectations and requirements that we have set together.

Help with the whole process and all the practicalities.
The whole process and practicalities of going to college in the US are time-consuming and very complex. Fortunately, we have it all under control. We make sure everything is done correctly, on time and without you having to spend countless hours on it.

We are with you all the way while youn are in the US.
Once you have arrived in the US, you will often have questions, need help or just need to talk to someone who has been there. We are always ready to help you and by the time you get here, we already know each other well. As it is normal to change colleges during a full education as a student athlete, we will of course help you with this as part of our full service.

You can read more about the process and what we help with under The Process.

How is the college school year structured?
The school year is typically divided into 2 different semesters: Fall and Spring semesters. (Can also be in qarters)
… and a long summer vacation in between!
Each semester is approximately 4 months long.
What is everyday life like for a Student Athlete in College?

College life for a student athlete is challenging, fun and busy.

Depending on which college, how far you are and what sport you do, the days will vary.
One thing is for sure: lots of sports, training, studying, friends and lots of food.

See an example of a typical day for a student athlete here.

How much does it cost to go to college in the US?

The price related to going to college in the US varies depending on several factors like type of school, location and area of study you are interested in. The typical cost includes covering tuition, books, insurance, food and housing.
The cost of a school without scholarships can be everything between $10.000 and $90.000 annually.
However, a scholarship can cover up to 100% cost.
Reducing the cost of the stay through scholarships i exactly what we are helping with.

When should I start the process if I want to go?

The perfect college process starts around 1 year before departure.
The sooner you start – the better time we have to promote your profile – the more scholarships the different colleges still have available. College coaches and their recruiting staff are generally well in advance, as there is a lot of competition for the best athletes.
In addition to this, there are a lot of formalities that will be a lot easier and less stressful if you are well in advance.

When that is said, we almost help you no matter when you are ready – wether it be 2 mounths or 2 years before departure.
As a general rule, however, the earlier you are out, the better your chances.

Am i bound to my scholarship in any way?

No, you wont be bound by the scholarhip in any way. You are free to go home at any point or explore other options over there.
There are different ways to construct your stay. Typically, we help someone get started because they want to achieve one of the following:
– Active gap year
– Bachelor’s degree
– Master
– Exchange

Every course, semester and year you complete can be added to your resume and used as a credit towards any future studies.

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