High School in the USA

The alternative to a sports boarding school.

High school sports are an essential part of American culture, with millions of students combining sports with school.
High school gives you the opportunity to develop your athletic ability, your discipline, your teamwork skills, while being challenged in school in another language.
All this happens while building strong communities with your teammates and fellow students based on the great social culture of the US.

What exactly is high school in the US?

High school in the US is the American education system’s answer to high school in Denmark, but there are some key differences.
First, high school in the US typically lasts four years, while in Denmark, upper secondary school lasts three years. In addition, high school is more focused on developing students’ personal and social skills through various clubs and sports activities, which are an important part of American culture and the school year itself.
In addition, high school students can choose specific subjects from a wide range of options and in many ways design their own timetable. In Denmark, this is more at line level, where you choose a general direction such as biology or mathematics.

Why High School in the US?

Gustav who started the NSSA – here as a Senior at San Francisco State University in 2020. 

A stepping stone to sporting and academic opportunities

Finally, a high school in the US can also be a good preparation for the future. American high schools typically offer a wide range of subjects and activities to help young people identify their interests and strengths and take the first steps towards their career or educational goals.

In addition, playing sports in high school can be a stepping stone to further career opportunities. Many US schools have close links with colleges and universities, which can open doors for scholarships and sports scholarships in the US. This gives young people a unique chance to pursue their sporting dreams and access higher education at the same time.

A different culture

High school can also be a great opportunity to experience a new culture and learn about a different way of living and thinking. The United States is a large and diverse country with many different regions and communities, and a high school experience can be an eye-opener for young people looking to broaden their horizons.

An everyday life reminiscent of an after-school program

High school in the US offers a unique experience where students live on campus, participate in sports and explore different subjects for personal development and career opportunities, while experiencing a new culture and meeting new people.

Improve your language skills

High school in the US can also be a good opportunity to improve your language skills. Many high schools offer language courses, but simply living "in another language" is enough to quickly learn to speak English in a more natural and fluent way.

Length of stay at a High School

The length of your stay in the US depends entirely on your specific situation and your wishes.
Typically, international students stay in the US for one academic year (usually 10 months) to complete a full season.
However, there are options for both shorter and longer stays depending on your needs.
For example. quite normal to start with 1 semester and extend your stay further.

1 semester


The short stay

Dormitory room
Enrollment at an American high school
Participation in sports
Opportunity to experience American culture.
New friends and a bigger network
Possibility of extension

1 year


One year in the US

Dorm room or host family
Participation in a full school year
Participation in a full sports season
An in-depth knowledge of American culture
Close friends and a large network
Possibility of extension

4 years


The entire program

Dorm room or host family
Graduation certificate from an American high school
The whole sporting experience
Alumni network
Help for College Scholarships
Friends for life and an international network
Abbreviation option

How do you live in High School in the US?

When attending high school in the US, there are typically two main options for accommodation: living on campus with other students or living with a host family.

Live on Campus

Living on campus can be an exciting opportunity to experience life at an American school up close. Many high schools have dormitories or dormitories where students can live with other students of the same age group and from different parts of the country or even the world. This can give students the opportunity to get to know other cultures and build friendships with students from elsewhere in the US or abroad.

On campus, students typically live close to their classmates and can easily participate in school and extracurricular activities as they are often within walking distance. Schools usually also provide meals in dining rooms or canteens so that students don’t have to worry about cooking for themselves.

Stay with a host family

Another option is to stay with a host family. This can give students the opportunity to experience the daily life and culture of an American family first-hand. Host families can also help students adapt to life in the US and improve their language skills. Many students choose to stay with a host family if their high school does not have dormitories or if they want a more homely atmosphere.

A typical day at High School in the USA

A typical day for a high school athlete begins early in the morning. After breakfast, you’ll head off to school where you’ll attend normal classroom lessons. You have the option to live with a host family, but also have the option to live on campus with other students. You might be walking to school with your roommates.

After school there is usually training. Depending on your sport, training times may vary, but generally you will train in the afternoon. Training is intense and sports are generally a big part of high school culture in the US.
After training, you have time to relax, study or engage in other activities. There’s a lot going on at a high school in the US and there are activities to participate in all the time.
You’ll eat dinner with your friends or your host family, depending on how you’ve chosen to live. The evening is approaching and even though you’re probably tired in both body and mind, the time is all yours from here on out.
Participating in high school sports in the US is a privilege, but also a challenge. You’ll be really active and balancing school, sports and social life will take its toll on you.

High School Season in the USA

The high school athletic season in the United States is typically divided into three seasons: fall, winter and spring.
Each season is characterized by different sports, with autumn including sports such as football, volleyball and cross-country.
Winter includes sports such as basketball, wrestling and indoor athletics. Spring includes sports such as baseball, softball and track and field.
The tournament season in the spring usually lasts around three months, during which you will have regular matches against other schools in your area.


Winter season in high school includes sports such as basketball, wrestling and ice hockey. These sports usually require an indoor facility and are typically played during the cold winter months.


The spring season in high school includes sports such as softball, baseball, lacrosse and track & field. These sports are usually played outdoors, taking advantage of the milder spring weather.


Although the school is typically closed during the summerthe sports season continues for some sports, such as football, basketball and baseball. Summer is also a popular time for sports camps and training sessions to prepare for the upcoming season.


The fall season in high school includes sports such as soccer, volleyball and cross country. These sports are typically played outdoors, taking advantage of the cooler fall weather. The fall season is usually the most popular sports period for high school students and attracts many spectators and fans.

"High school sports: where lessons of life are still being learned, and where memories still remain.

Phil Robbins

High School Sports in the USA?

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