An overview of our various partnerships and collaborations.

Football For A New Tomorrow

FANT does amazing work in Sierra Leone, and together we help selected local football talents every year. We help them with free scholarships in the US, offering them opportunities far beyond what they could normally dream of back home. It’s an honor to work with FANT and be part of their mission to create a better future through football.

Legacy help

Scholarship Help is our go-to when it comes to applying for national scholarships. They help our clients get the best possible financial package when going across the Atlantic to study and play their sport. This is a huge help and makes the dream of studying in the US a little easier to realize.

BK Skjold

BK Skjold is a football club in the heart of Copenhagen and is one of the largest in Denmark. We are close with Skjold and many former college players play on BK Skjold’s first team. For those clients who have decided to go, but still have a season left in Denmark, are allowed to compete on an equal footing with the others in Skjold.


Coachsome is the place for personalized sports training for our clients, whether they’re just home on vacation, have been away or are about to leave. They can make use of the platform’s range of skilled sports coaches, but can also sign up as personal coaches on the platform and train the youngest in their particular sport.

Hvidovre Athletics

Together with Hvidovre Atletik, we help their athletes find great opportunities in the US. It’s a two-way collaboration that helps create unique experiences and development opportunities for young athletes.

JW Agency

JW Agency is great at sports marketing and social media. They help our athletes create a strong personal brand and find great partnerships with sportswear companies and the like. This is a huge benefit for our clients, who get the chance to shine both on and off the pitch.

Global Tours

Sanne from Global Tours is our go-to person for travel advice and great deals on flights. She helps our clients find the best travel routes to get across the Atlantic safely and economically. It’s a huge help and makes traveling to the US a little less stressful.

Pro Futuro Sports

Pro Futuro is razor-sharp on high school sports and has a wealth of experience in helping young people come to the US. By working with them, we broaden our horizons and can help even more young talent get off the ground. It’s a win-win that we’re quite proud of.