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Tennis at College in the US

The US have been one of the leading nations in tennis for many years and several tennis stars have developed their career during their time at an American college. Combining tennis and education opens the door to an unique possibility for athletic, academic and personal development once your have finished high school.

With a focus on your athletic and academic level we work on maximizing opportunities and lowering the cost of college for high level athletes on a daily basis. This is possible through scholarships and in tennis there are luckily a lot of athletic aid to be found.

Are you curious about how tennis scholarships work and how you can get them offered? You have come to the right place.

A way to a professional career

Athletes from all over the world that have dreamt of a professional career in their sport have used scholarships to realize this dream Many talented tennis players have gone this route to develop their skills and condition themselves for a higher level. A big percentage of the best tennis players in the world have been given their first international experience at American colleges.

A wealth of international student athletes in the US

In the world of college tennis there are a large amount of male and female players that compete across different levels.
Interesting enough there are relatively few American high school tennis players that end up playing in the NCAA D1 level. This mostly because of international recruitment which influences a lot of the college teams. College tennis have a high amount of international student athletes and they recruit from all over the world.

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What is important in the process of getting a scholarship?

To receive a big athletic scholarship as a tennis player you, of course, have to be a great tennis player.
This is where your UTR-rating, highlights and potentially full match stats are going to mean a lot.
Your academic level will also influence the amount you end up having to pay for your stay.
We will go over the most important points below.


Universal Tennis Rating (UTR)

As an official rating system, Universal Tennis Rating a lot of coaches will use this a a way of evaluating players level across a lot of countries and competitions. This system ranks players level without taking nationality and sex into account. This is the preferred metric in evaluating tennis players across the globe in college recruitment. But there are other ways to show tennis level apart from this system.

CategoryTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
LevelTop NCAA D1Lower level NCAA D1; Top Level NCAA D2Lower level NCAA D2NCAA D3 or NAIA
UTR Requirements10.5 +8.5 +4.5/5 +2 +
CategoryTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
LevelTop NCAA D1Lower level NCAA D1; Top Level NCAA D2Lower level NCAA D2NCAA D3 or NAIA
UTR Krav12.5 +11.5 +9.5 +6 +

Your athletic level

The better a player you are, the better chances you have of getting a large scholarship.

Your academic level

No matter how good you are, your grades will also influence what is possible and how much aid you can get.

Continuous development

If you have improved your performance during your youth it will also improve your chances.


Having video-material that shows your technique and ability in training and matches will have a lot to say as well. They want to see how you fare with your strikes, serves, returns and so on.

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Why college tennis in the US?

The combination of high level tennis and education can’t be found outside of the US.

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