Soccer Scholarships

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College soccer in the US

College soccer is growing exponentially. More and more athletes are combining soccer with a gap year, exchange or a full bachelor’s degree at a college in the US.

Soccer Scholarships

What is important to get a scholarship?

To get a good Sport Scholarship for your skills as a soccer player, you must of course be… a good soccer player! However, the definition of a good – and valuable – soccer player is subjective. College coaches in the US do not necessarily prioritize the same skills and prerequisites that coaches in Europe prioritize.

The level you play at

The higher the level you play at, the higher the chance of a big scholarship.

Your role in the team

Top scorer in a league team or squad player in an elite team? Your role in the team is crucial.

Your position

College coaches must distribute their scholarships correctly across positions. Just like in professional soccer, a box striker can be "worth" more than a full-back.

Your physique

In the US, you are not just a player; you are an athlete. Anything that can be linked to physical parameters is highly valued in college soccer.

"A scholarship is not just a financial award; it's a recognition of your hard work and dedication.

Kristina Ellis

Soccer scholarships

Why College Soccer in the US?

The combination of elite football and higher education doesn’t get any better than at College.

College Sport Scholarships

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The combination of elite football and higher education doesn’t get any better than at College.

All Conference Honors
Freshman Of The Year
National Championship Contenders

Professional opportunities after the college career.

On both the men’s and women’s side, there are several professional leagues where a large number of former college players compete on a daily basis.
The professional leagues and overall talent pipeline in the US is currently experiencing tremendous growth, with even more making the leap from college soccer to MLS. We have a huge internal goal to have help a college player who will later make their debut in MLS or NWSL – maybe it’s you?

Future college soccer player?

Do you qualify for a Sport Scholarship as a soccer player at a college or university in the USA?
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