The College Process

The quest for a Sport Scholarship

As former college athletes, we have been through the college recruitment process in the US ourselves.
We build and tailor the process for you individually,

INTRO: The first meeting.

We will meet you and your parents. We talk about opportunities, ambitions and expectations for the college process.


We agree to cooperate

After the first meeting, you will have received some information to consider. Once you have made your decision, we will enter into an official partnership and you can start your search for a Scholarship in the US.


We will promote your college profile

We build your College Profile and promote it to our network of coaches and universities.


Ongoing interest and offers from Colleges

You now receive regular interest from college coaches. You will talk to potential coaches and have a dialogue with us about the different offers.


Which College do you choose?

You now have one or more official scholarships offers to consider. Which College do you choose?


All the practicalities

All the practicalities have to be taken care of before you can become an international student athlete. For important documents, visas and everything in between, we'll help you through our college guide.


Ready for the US!

You are ready to travel to the US as a prospective Student Athlete at a College or University.
We know how it feels. We have been through it ourselves.
We follow you on the sidelines and are available to you when you are on the road.

What our clients say