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Who are we?

Going to college in the US can be the path to a professional career, a great international education, or an experience of a lifetime and a wealth of new acquaintances.
We make our living by assisting young people in their quest to do just that.

It was the 3 of us - Marcus, Gustav and Julius - who together started NSSA in 2017.

Nordic Sport Scholarship Association

A Danish College Agency

Gustav who started the NSSA – here as a Senior at San Francisco State University in 2020. 

The start of the NSSA

NSSA actually started as a hobby project alongside Gustav’s life as a Student Athlete in the US back in 2017.
We are now one of the leading college sports recruitment agencies in Scandinavia. We are made up of educated sports enthusiasts, former athletes and other talented people. Together, we spend every day helping Danish athletes study and play sports at colleges in the US.
With a main focus on soccer and with specialists in athletics and swimming, we have helped more Danes travel than any other agency in Denmark.
We now have extensive knowledge of education and sport in the US and pride ourselves on making the process transparent and personalized. We do this from our office in Østerbro, Copenhagen.

Former College Athletes in the US

We have been through the entire college system and have faced the experiences and challenges that we facilitate.

A collection of sports geeks

At the end of the day, we're just sports nerds.
To be able to facilitate development within sport and professional life is the foundation we work from.

The joy of seeing clients succeed

We measure the quality of our work through the small successes of our clients.
Whether it's an exam that have been passed, a place as college team of the week or a stunning free-kick goal. We love it.

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Our Team

Alexander Brake

College Sport Agent

Kasper Poulsgaard

College Sport Agent

Mads Pehrsson

Head of Track

Gustav Fink-Jensen

Founder & CEO

Joakim Wagner
Joakim Wagner

Head Of Process

Lasse Kjeldgaard

College Sport Agent