Can you become a professional through the American college system?

Many young talents have a big dream of becoming a professional in their sport. Are there more options in the US?

In a time of uncertainty and challenges in the world of football, there are still bright spots that shine brightly. At NSSA, we are filled with pride and joy to see several of our talented players take the big step towards professionalism after completing their college education in the US.

Oliver Hald: From Denmark to the US and now as a professional

Oliver Hald’s journey is an inspiring tale of courage, determination and perseverance. After struggling to find his place in Danish football, Oliver took the bold step to try his luck on the other side of the Atlantic.

We clearly remember his first steps into our agency, filled with dreams and ambitions to play at the highest level. Over the years, we saw Oliver develop at Muskegon Community College, University of Evansville and finally the SMU Mustangs, where he became an integral part of the MLS Draft Pool.

This winter Oliver signed his first professional contract with USL1 club Greenville Triumph, and we couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of his journey.

Anna Tørsløv and Linea Lundbo: From the US to Europe

Anna Tørsløv and Linea Lundbo are two examples of the international dimension of college football. After their successful years at American universities, they took the next step towards their dreams of playing professionally in Europe.

Anna, who started at the University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley, and later transferred to Old Dominion University, has accepted an offer from FC Aarau in Switzerland. Her journey shows how college football in the US can open doors to international opportunities.

Linea, who graduated from Barry University, has agreed to play for Grand Genève FC in France. Her dedication and talent has taken her to the next level and we are honored to have been a part of her journey.

Peter Swinkels: From College to Professional Career

Peter Swinkels’ journey is a perfect example of how college football in the US can be a stepping stone to professional opportunities. After completing his education at San Francisco State University and later earning a master’s degree at the University of New Hampshire, Peter signed his first professional contract with One Knoxville SC in Tennessee and this winter switched clubs to USL1 top team Spokane Velocity.

We have followed Peter’s journey from the beginning and are incredibly proud to have been a part of his development.


Conclusion: College can be a stepping stone to success

These stories are not just examples of individual triumphs, they are evidence of the strength of the college football system. Despite challenges and uncertainty, our players have shown that dedication, hard work and opportunities at the college level can lead to professional careers of the highest caliber.

We look forward to following the continued success of our players and hope their stories inspire other young talents to pursue their dreams through college soccer in the US. At NSSA, we remain dedicated to supporting and promoting our players’ career paths, wherever they take them.

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