NSSA enters into collaboration with FC Helsingør

It is with great pride that NSSA is partnering with FC Helsingør Academy with the goal of helping more young people go to college in the USA.

A collaboration with lots of synergies

In the world of football, many young talents strive to reach the professional level. Unfortunately, the road to success isn’t always easy, and for some, the eye of the needle can be hard to pass. Fortunately, there are other paths to the professional dream and experience. Since 2017, we at NSSA have been working with what we call the world’s best plan-b for the men’s players who don’t make it through the eye of the needle in Denmark. It is with great pleasure that we have been given the opportunity to work with a lot of talented young people who are going through a fantastic sporting and personal development during their college stay in the US. In recent years, we have also had the opportunity to help a number of FC Helsingør talents go to college, including;

Alexander Stjernegaard (Marshall University), Luca Costabile (University of Maryland), Ramesh Delsouz (Quinnipiac University), Nikolaj Juul Bay-Smidt (VCU), William Arnesen (Old Dominion University), Marcus Hedemann (Flagler College), Magnus Kjøller (Wofford College) and Joshua Hansen (Stony Brook University).

FC Helsingør talents have stood out in many ways when it comes to the transition from Denmark to the college system. The feedback we at NSSA have received from the American coaches has been that the former FC Helsingør talents come with a great technical package, a good soccer IQ, and they are incredibly good teammates who only want the best for their fellow human beings!

Alexander and Ramesh after winning the MAAC conference tournament in the 2022/23 season

The ultimate goal: New chances, new dreams

For many young footballers, the dream of playing professionally represents a lifelong ambition. But the reality is that even for the most talented, the road to professional football can be fraught with obstacles. This is where the collaboration between an NSSA and an FC Helsingør comes in. Instead of seeing a “missing” professional career as an end point, this partnership opens up new opportunities and dreams. Examples of this include Alexander Stjernegaard who was already named to the MLS Draft Pool in the fall of 2023 after just his sophomore year of college.

The essence of the college system is to provide soccer players with a top professional soccer environment where they are treated and live like full-time professional soccer players. On top of that, they get new eyes on a completely different continent where football is rapidly evolving. In addition, we make sure that if they don’t go all the way athletically, at the very least they have developed athletically, gained an experience and friends for life, as well as an education for the future.

Luca playing at Ludvig Field in front of 3,000 UMD Crew fans

Benefits for players: A unique chance for development

This partnership model offers players far more than just a chance to play soccer in the US. It gives them the opportunity to continue their academic education while pursuing their passion for the sport. It’s not just another route to professional football; it’s an opportunity to explore new cultures, learn new skills and develop as both an athlete and a person. A development that we at NSSA have the opportunity to follow every year and have experienced first-hand for many years in the USA.


Alexander and William before a classic NSSA Derby in Virginia.

Opening new doors for the future of football

Together, this collaboration between a college sports placement company and an elite soccer academy provides a springboard for young talent seeking a path to success. It’s proof that even when one door closes, another opens and that the dream of professional football can still be realized in unconventional ways. For these players, the opportunity for a fresh start isn’t just a hope, it’s a reality – and it all starts with a simple partnership where we help each other give young talent the best chance to find the path that’s best for them.

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