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High School in the US: The alternative to a sports boarding school

If you want to combine your passion for sport with an international education, high school in the US can be the perfect alternative to a traditional sports high school. We are seeing increasing interest from young athletes and their parents who are looking for the opportunity to spend a year at a high school after primary or middle school.

In this short article, we’ll write about what high school is, why it can be a rewarding experience, and we’ll present five key reasons to choose high school in the US. In addition, we’ll also dive into how to live in high school and find the ideal home away from home. Read on to discover the opportunities for sporting and academic development at high school in the US.

What is High School in the US?

High school in the US is the American education system’s equivalent of upper secondary school in Denmark, but there are some key differences.
First, high school in the US typically lasts four years, while in Denmark, upper secondary school lasts three years. In addition, high school is more focused on developing students’ personal and social skills through various clubs and sports activities, which are an important part of American culture and the school year itself.
In addition, high school students can choose specific subjects from a wide range of options and in many ways design their own timetable. In Denmark, this is more at line level, where you choose a general direction such as biology or mathematics.

Why go to High School in the US?

There are many different reasons why High School in the US might be a good idea for you. 
Whether it’s sporting dreams, academic ambitions or the desire for a different experience after school, a stay at the American version of a high school may give you what you need. 

The opportunity to practice sport at a high level

For young people who are passionate about sport, high school in the US can be an exciting option. In the US, sport is a big part of school culture and many high schools have strong athletics programs where talented athletes can develop their skills and compete at a high level.
American high schools offer a high level of training and competition in sports such as basketball, soccer, swimming, athletics, tennis, golf, volleyball and many more.

A different culture

High school can also be a great opportunity to experience a new culture and learn about a different way of living and thinking. The United States is a large and diverse country with many different regions and communities, and a high school experience can be an eye-opener for young people looking to broaden their horizons.

An everyday life reminiscent of an after-school stay

One of the reasons to go to High School in the US is the unique everyday life, similar to a boarding school experience. Students live on campus with other students and have plenty of opportunities to participate in clubs and sports activities that are an integral part of the school year. In addition, many high schools also offer a wide range of subjects and courses that allow students to explore their interests and learn more about their future career options. It is a great opportunity for students who want an education that also focuses on personal and social development, while giving them the chance to get to know a new culture and meet new people.

Improve your language skills

High school in the US can also be a good opportunity to improve your language skills. Many high schools offer language courses, but simply living “in another language” is enough to quickly learn to speak English in a more natural and fluent way.

A stepping stone to sporting and academic opportunities

Finally, a high school in the US can also be a good preparation for the future. American high schools typically offer a wide range of subjects and activities to help young people identify their interests and strengths and take the first steps towards their career or educational goals.

In addition, playing sports in high school can be a stepping stone to further career opportunities. Many US schools have close links with colleges and universities, which can open doors for scholarships and sports scholarships in the US. This gives young people a unique chance to pursue their sporting dreams and access higher education at the same time.

A collection of images from Ole Jessen’s year in the US at Putnam Science Academy, an American high school.

How do you live in High School in the US?

When attending high school in the US, there are typically two main options for accommodation: living on campus with other students or living with a host family.

Living on campus (boarding school style)

Living on campus can be an exciting opportunity to experience life at an American school up close. Many high schools have dormitories or dormitories where students can live with other students of the same age group and from different parts of the country or even the world. This can give students the opportunity to get to know other cultures and build friendships with students from elsewhere in the US or abroad.

On campus, students typically live close to their classmates and can easily participate in school and extracurricular activities as they are often within walking distance. Schools usually also provide meals in dining rooms or canteens so that students don’t have to worry about cooking for themselves.

Stay with a host family

Another option is to stay with a host family. This can give students the opportunity to experience the daily life and culture of an American family first-hand. Host families can also help students adapt to life in the US and improve their language skills. Many students choose to stay with a host family if their high school does not have dormitories or if they want a more homely atmosphere.

Whether you choose to live on campus or with a host family, it is important to carefully examine the different options and find the best solution for your individual needs and wishes.

If you would like to explore the possibility of attending High School, or know someone who has, you can sign up and read more right here.Then we will have a dialog about the possibilities in the US, either by phone or at our office in Copenhagen.

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College and High School Age in the US: An Overview

For those unfamiliar with the US education system, understanding the age requirements for high school and college in the US can be a little confusing.
The American education system is slightly different from that in Scandinavia.
Below we provide a brief overview of how age is related to high school and college in the United States.

Age at High School

High School is the American equivalent of college and is typically for students aged 14-18. The program has a duration of 4 years and during these years you go from being a freshman to a senior.
Here’s an overview of the typical ages for each grade level:

Class English designation Age
Freshman 1st grade (1.G) 14-15
Sophomore 2nd grade (2.G) 15-16
Junior 3rd grade (3.G) 16-17
Senior 4th grade (4.G) 17-18

Age at College

In the United States, the words ‘college’ and ‘university’ are often used interchangeably and in many cases the two terms are synonymous. But there are some nuances between them, which may vary from institution to institution. Generally speaking, ‘college’ often refers to a smaller institution offering undergraduate degrees, while ‘university’ is usually larger and offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees. However, some institutions also use “college” as part of their name, even if they are universities. Therefore, it can sometimes be confusing to distinguish between the two concepts in the US context.

College offers higher education for students after high school.
The typical age of a college student varies depending on circumstances and you don’t have to start at 18.
Here’s an overview of the typical ages of students at different levels of education:

Education and training age
Associate’s Degree (Junior College) (2 years) 18-20
Bachelor’s Degree (4 years) 18-22
Master’s Degree (2 years) 22-24
Ph.D. (doctoral degree) 27-33

Age For Student Athletes

If you are interested in playing sports in high school or college in the US, age may play a different role. To participate in high school or college sports, you must meet specific age requirements.

In high school, age requirements are usually quite flexible, as students are still under 18 years old. However, if you want to take part in sports at high school, you usually need to be between 14-19 years old.

The rules regarding Being able to play sport in college depends mainly on when you graduated from high school or equivalent – rather than your age. We elaborate on this in an article on sporting eligibility.
The typical age of a college athlete is between 18-23 years.

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