7. Ready for departure – Track & Field

The quest for a Sport Scholarship


Pre-departure checklist

Then you are almost ready!
All the practicalities are starting to fall into place and you can start
counting the days until you jump on a plane headed for the US. However, it’s still a good idea to double-check that everything is in order and make sure you have everything you need to bring to your school.

Below you can see what we typically recommend you check up on as soon as possible.

Remember to check your Eligibility status (Athletic license)

You risk not participating in training or a matches if eligibility isn’t accepted
before the season starts.

Check with your coach or school contact if anything is missing.

Typically, everything should be in place by now, but it’s always a good idea to ask a second time. Most often it will be housing, medical papers or insurance.

Make sure you have paid your housing and admission deposit.

This point should be something they are aware ofl, but just a friendly reminder to check up on it!

You can sign up for classes now.

The coach knows everything about how to get to the school, where to go on arrival and what to pack from home. Use them to get prepared for your arrival at the school.

Start a dialog with your coach about your arrival.

You can register for your desired courses before graduation and get online guidance from your student advisor. However, you can also change them when you get there, so no reason to stress about choosing.

Athletic advice

You’ve been brought into the team for a reason, so do your best!
It’s the sports world so nothing is a given and there will be ups and downs – fingers crossed it’s all ups though. So, make sure you work hard, stay on top of your school work and be the best version of yourself. If you’re experiencing having a hard time with your results or getting settled, it’s fair to ask the coach for help so you can get better. Your coach will naturally want you to develop and help the team in their competitions.

However, remember to listen to your body and let them know if you feel an injury coming on. It’s better to prevent injuries and make sure you don’t end up out for months than to push through and miss a large part of the season or more.

Briefly about the college season

Track & Field is a spring sport, so if you go there as anything other than a Cross Country runner, you’ll have to wait until around Christmas to get to the first competitions. However, it’s an advantage for you not to jump straight into a tough season amidst culture shock and lots of new impressions. So enjoy the time you have to get to know your teammates and the surroundings, and you’ll get after it when the indoor season starts.