Pro Showcase 2023

We at Kumlin Recruiting and NSSA are extremely excited to announce our Recruiting Pro Showcase this summer. We will be hosting a soccer tour where top college players will get a chance to showcase themselves in front of professional Scandinavian teams. Two recruitment companies that have provided a great number of Swedish and Danish top players to top NCAA programs including all-americans, MLS-draft picks and current pro-players for the last decade.

After providing the very best Scandinavian players to top programs in the college game we believe it is time to create a platform for pro clubs in Denmark and Sweden, so they can benefit from the great talents coming out of college and give the NCAA alumni an opportunity to continue playing the sport they love on a professional level.

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About the showcase

Join us on our home turf in Copenhagen where we have operated from and created ties with the professional scene in Denmark

Through a more than a decade of college recruitment working with Scandinavian top players both NSSA and Kumlin Recruitment have developed connections with the Danish and Swedish professional clubs. The interest in college players are rising each year because of the increasing quality of US players.

We will do our best to make sure each club understands the individual player’s personal situation and provide all the information needed to the club to figure out if there is a potential match.

Duration of the Showcase:

3rd - 7th of July 2023

Showcase Itinerary

To help you get the best out of your time in Copenhagen when not at the playing in the Showcase we have planned some activities over the course of five days. The arrival date is a suggestion and we recommend not arriving later so jetlag and travel fatigue doesn’t affect performance in the showcase.
Naturally, you will have a lot of sparetime each day so there are plenty opportunities to do and see whatever you want in Copenhagen.

College players that went PRO

The interest in Female and Male college alumnes have never been bigger in Scandinavia, and many clubs are signing players from the United States. Here are some examples of current players that have gone pro in after their time at a college in the US.

Alexandra Lindberg

Cal State Bakersfield

Alexandra Lindberg

Djurgårdens IF

Hjalmar Ekdal

UNC Wilmington

Hjalmar Ekdal

Burnley FC

Julia Ekholm

University of Central Florida

Julie Ekholm

Hammarby IF

William Nilsson

UNC Wilmington

William Nilsson

Utsiktens BK

Julia Karlenäs

Embry Riddle University

Julia Karlenäs

Piteå IF

Simon Weaver

Indiana University

Simon Weaver

Sønderjyske FB

Lukas Sunesson

Marquette University

Lukas Sunesson

Landskrona BOIS

Joe Bell

University Of Virginia

Joe Bell

Brøndby IF

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If you would like to know more about this opportunity then please provide the information below and we will provide more information for you and keep you updated on clubs attending as well as a potential extra tryout in Gothenburg.

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